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How can you find one of my books? Check your local bookstore first, of course. And if that doesn't work out, you're welcome to try my most excellent local bookstore, Boswell Books, which will place whatever book you want at your doorstep, no matter where you live: Boswell Book Company, 2559 North Downer Avenue at Webster Place
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211; (414) 332-1181; boswellbooks.com.

Looking for an autographed copy? Again, try Boswell, above. They can easily make arrangements with me. (Iím in there all the time, it seems!)

Alternatively, you can find your own most excellent local bookstore by clicking the link below and giving them your zip code:

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And, of course, the folks at Amazon are always happy to help,
even if you'd like the book in Japanese
. Visit Amazon's Liam Callanan Author Page for more in-depth information and to buy copies in hardcover, paperback or ebook formats.