Not all the writing I do appears between the covers of a book. I've also been a grateful contributor to a variety of radio programs. Links to my commentaries, as well as interviews appear below.
public radio  
  I'm a regular contributor to a number of different public radio outlets. If you'd like to hear some of my essays, visit the following sites:
  • National Public Radio's Morning Edition
  • Metro Connection on WAMU, 88.5 FM Washington, DC
  • Lake Effect and the late great At 10 on WUWM, 89.7 FM Milwaukee (A special note to those who've asked where they can find that piece about moving to Milwaukee--it's over here. If prompted, click "view the file" to hear the piece.)
other audio  

Being interviewed in Bethel, Alaska by John Active of KYUK. Photo by James Barker, author of Always Getting Ready.

If you're looking for still more opportunities to hear the sound of my voice (and just who are you?), you might try these sites: